TBA @AZ Aachen

8. Juni 2024 - Partys

TBA @AZ Aachen
!!! START 20:00 !!!!

A vibrant range of selected bands and DJ’s coming together under one roof. Better come early to catch a vibe off of the two killer live performances, before we open up two dance floors, leaving no audible desire unheard!


Room 1

Room 2

The AZ considers itself a non-commercial, left-wing platform for popular and obscure artists, for people who want to contribute, for the different-minded.
Respect the house rules and contribute with your own awareness to create a safer space for everyone.

Zero tolerance for discriminatory behavior and speech!

Poster by Yoko Deckers 🫂💕

What has started as a musical excursion of two students at Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, is now an immersive and lively project, that innovatively crafts a mix of industrial, wave, punk as well as breakbeat and dub in some brewery basement, they call their creative headquarter. Their lyrics shift between dadaism and pub poetry, describing this contradicting way of living in between despair and hedonistic pleasure. This is their big stage debut and will be a live show that shouldn’t be missed.

An appearance of these local heroes on a tba lineup is long overdue, and we are more than happy to have them playing at our big summer celebration. The Dergs won’t need an introduction – in their songs, these 4 ‘ganz normale Atzen’ tell stories about their lives in a relatable and danceable fashion. Due to their eager wok ethic, it’s always exciting to hear them play as they will always refine and redefine their sound as they progress to be one of the most promising local bands around.

Cologne based AINO brings a broad interest in different music genres together. Exploring different genres and styles, she doesn’t focus on a singular musical direction but spins a web of different vibes of whatever she’s feeling in that moment: from house, to bass, to techno. She loves to twist her sets into unexpected directions, sometimes taking it slower with percussive rhythms and more organic sounds. Her bimonthly show SPIN on Callshop Radio broadcasts her current musical finds and aims to give female and queer DJs a platform. Besides the events she hosts with her collective Précey, she works as a booker and event organizer.

Influenced by the instrument she learned to play at the age of 10: the drums, AMSL was fascinated by percussive sounds and rhythms from an early age. When she started recording DJ mixes in 2018, her sound was mainly influenced by artists from the UK funky scene. Today, AMSL’s sets serve a broad, cross-genre field of electronic club music from house to bass, break and techno, often with strong percussive, functional elements. AMSL is part of the 8-member DJ crew E.P.I.Q. from Cologne, with whom she has been hosting and curating parties since 2021.

Known for being one of the main soundsystem aficionados of the local scene, Horner is a certi Aachen legend behind and besides the decks. His DJ sets are textural, sometimes breaky techno trips enchanting dancefloors like the UKW Rostock or LaNature Festival.

The main floor will be closed by local hero PAK from the Not Human Collective.
PAK is a raw and unfiltered music lover from Aachen who’s blending the tooly sound of the past with modern on point techno. Ready for unexpected turns in genres and to deliver high octane grooves, he takes an unconventional approach to his sets, combining dancefloor-oriented groove tools with hip-hop-derived MC-ing techniques tightening the proximity to the audience.

Support from TBA Residents C U SOON & K.KLASSIK <3

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