Revolting Queers

24. Oktober 2022 - Partys

Good evening queers💌
the time has come once again- we are going into the fifth round of Revolting Queers🤍☄

Together we want to create a party where we can celebrate and unfold ourselves free from binary gender norms, heteronormativity, and other societal constraints. We want to show ourselves how we are: dance how we want, present ourselves how we want, kiss whoever we want- of course always with respect for one another and other people’s boundaries.

This time around we will be partying to a mix of techno, hyperpop, reggaeton, 2000s, club and everything your heart desires with:
💫Nvu3lt0 💫
Nat is a trans latino boy from Argentina based in Berlin.
He likes to combine different styles mixing old school reggaeton, neoperreo, pop, turreo Rkt from the current scene and some random shit from early 2000s to make you perrear 🔥

💫Angel Demon💫
Angel Demon a musician and DJ from Cologne. In 2020 they founded the collective “Maze Recordings” with Andras_2020 and Ygor Bahia under which they have since released two experimental mixtapes.
Check out their releases and get a taste of their DJ sets on soundcloud:

ophilia aka glitterbaexoxo (-/they) is a a queer bae from cologne who loves wild pop beats, most importantly not basic.
glitterbaexoxo came up from the energy to make sad baes happy with hyperpop & activating euphoric feelings.

DJ ASS TITS, formally DJ TITS ASS aka DJ guterÜbergang, AKA DJ LemonNips or DJ besserer Übergang is also known as Nikki, a partygirl from Cologne. But what kind of music does DJ ASS TITS play? She can’t really tell you that either, as DJ ASS TITS doesn’t quite understand music genres. Probably something with techno. Anyway, the main thing is to get your asses shaking. Just listen to it yourself:

Show up & bring your friends!
We’re looking forward to you 💜


We don’t give a rat’s ass about what society tells us we need to be, but what we do give a damn about is each other!
Be respectful, be aware of yourself, accept people’s personal boundaries and take it seriously when someone tells you that you are making them feel uncomfortable, that they want to be left alone etc. Reflect your behavior, privilege, and socialisation so that we can all have a good time. 🖤🐀
The AZ only has a limited capacity, so show up early.
Also: a reminder that we are trying to create a specifically queer space for a night. This exists in contrast to a world which is defined by cis- and hetero- normativity. If you are comfortable moving within these hetero- cis- norms and notice that the AZ is at full capacity, please consider making space for those that a queer space is of importance to.


There will be a Care Point / Awareness team, recognizable by their red heart lights present at the party who you can talk to if someone isn’t respecting your boundaries or if you need support. The Autonomes Zentrum will also post an info text into the event about the Care Point, but let’s also remember to take care of our friends, our comrades, our community, and ourselves!


No Transphobia. No Biphobia. No Racism. No Sexism. No Bodyshaming. No Femmeshaming.
(We know that no space or person is completely free from these things.
Don’t hesitate to talk to the care point, az team, or send us a message / email with feedback / remarks / wishes.)
No Nazis. No Bundeswehr. No Cops.


If you have the possibility to, please test yourself for COVID beforehand and stay home and take care of yourself if you are sick.


Also check out our insta @revolting_queers and fb event.

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