Zahhāk – Ostokhān Album Release

9. April 2024 - Konzerte

Doors: 19:00
Beginn: 20:00

Nïsti [doom, sludge, noise]
The newcomers Nïsti play a heavy blend of doom and sludge. Feel the crushing
burden of existence permeate through their sound while they still hold onto hope
and beauty.

11redearth [experimental doom metal]
The name 11RedEarth derives from a place where dark music magically erupts from the Eifel. The red hot lava consists of a complicated multi-national mixture of Hessen, Eifel, Italy and Holland and reflects an intricate mix of metal, doom and hardcore.

Zahhāk [oriental noise sludge, doom]
Zahhāk’s music involves everything from slow, hard hitting sludge and feedback-smothered noise jams to highly progressive and melodic compositions, merged with traditional Iranian rhythms and modes, making for new and unheard combinations.
On this evening they will release their second album ‚Ostokhān‘ and begin a new chapter on their downhill journey.

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