Antillectual (NL), Bellyacher, Disintegration, One Armed Bandit

5. Mai 2023 - Konzerte

Variant Coverage and Bellyacher Present
A summertime kickoff in the punk rock spirit, featuring:

Antillectual (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
The Dutch trio is back, touring in support of their new record „Together“. Political and social themes nicely packaged in their own version of melodic punk rock that goes down nice and easy.


Bellyacher (NRW, Germany)
Back again in Aachen for the FIRST time in 2023, and their FIRST show after their FIRST European tour! Maybe they’ll even play some new songs for the FIRST time, who knows?


Disintegration (Wolfsburg, Germany)
Putting the „fun“ in „punk“… I’d call it „funk“, but that’s already a thing, so… These dudes bring are super melodic and easy to sing along to so bring your best voice with you.

One Armed Bandit (Aachen, Germany)
Excellent melodic punk from Aachen. Snotty and soulful, it’ll have you reflecting on your life while you navigate the pit. These guys don’t play often enough, so come enjoy them when you can.

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